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Water pump supplier

As a trusted water pump supplier, SHOUFIE Water Pump Supplies provides top-of-the-line products and services to meet every need. With a wide selection of pumps, motors, spare parts and accessories, customers can count on SHOUFEI Water Pump Supplies for the best solutions. The experienced staff is always eager to help customers find the right product for their needs. Whether it's for a residential or commercial application, SHOUFEI Water Pump Supplies has the experience and expertise to meet any requirement.

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Zhejiang Shoufei Pump Industry Co., Ltd.is a domestic professional stainless steel multi-stage China centrifugal pump manufacturer integrating scientific research, manufacturing and sales.


The company's products are widely used in industry, domestic water supply, heating, filtration and transportation systems, process water systems, fire protection systems, air conditioning cooling circulation systems, oil and alcohol, weak acids and weak bases and glycols, ultrafiltration systems, reverse osmosis systems, distillation Systems, various irrigation systems, machine tool cooling systems, domestic water supply, heating and groundwater extraction, sewage and wastewater treatment, seawater desalination, and many other fields.

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