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Submersible pump price

We offer a wide selection of quality submersible pumps at competitive prices. Our pumps are designed to meet your needs and deliver reliable performance. Shop with us today and find the perfect pump for your application.

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Submersible pump price Features


1.Motor is enclosed filled with water. (to be filled at time of installation by Plumber


2.Heavy Duty Stainless steel used to avoid rust formation.


3.Most modern, innovative technology and design.


4.Silent and vibration free running.


5.Consumes no space as the pumps will be positioned inside the bore well.



Questions to ask when shopping for a booster pump:


1.What is my water flow rate?   


-Calculate how many gallons of water you get per minute, taking all fixtures into consideration. 


2.How much water do I need? 


-Consider how much water your household or business uses. 


3.Is the water source above or below the pump?   


-Think about whether or not your water must travel uphill or up several stories.


4.How much pressure do I need?   


-Many people prefer high water pressure when taking a shower, but pressure that's too high can destroy plumbing, fittings, and appliances.  Most homes have a pressure reducing valve where the water line enters the house to maintain the water pressure. Pressure over 60 psi wears the household plumbing system.


Is it possible to manufacture a centrifugal pump with aluminum


Recently, a client from the aerospace industry contracted Mallory Industries, Inc to produce 10 aluminum centrifugal pump impellers. These parts are used as components of a fuel pump.


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