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Jet pump

The jet pump is a reliable and efficient way to transfer liquids quickly. It is easy to install and maintain, making it a great choice for any situation. With its quiet operation and adjustable flow rate, the jet pump is ideal for both commercial and residential applications.

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Jet pumps come in two variations: deep well and shallow well.

The type of jet pump most suitable for your application will be dependent on the depth of your well. Shallow well jet pumps are used to transport water from wells as deep as 25 feet. 

Deep well jet pumps are generally used for depths up to about 200 feet. Deep well jet pumps can move larger volumes of water more quickly and over longer distances than shallow well pumps. Please note that altitude can affect the specific depth to which a pump can draw water from.




Pump Adapter: cast Iron.


Mechanical Seal : Ceramic & Graphite


Inlet suction size : 1″ and 11/4″


Outlet discharge size : 1″


Phase : Single.





  • 0.5 HP – Max Suction – 50 Feet, Max Delivery – 45 Feet
  • 1.0 HP Light – Max Suction – 80 Feet, Max Delivery – 60 Feet
  • 1.0 HP – Max Suction – 120 Feet, Max Delivery – 70 Feet
  • 1.5 HP – Max Suction – 150 Feet, Max Delivery – 90 Feet
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