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Fighter Pump
Fighter Pump
Fighter Pump
Fighter Pump
Fighter Pump
Fighter Pump

Fighter Pump

Fire fighting pumps are an essential tool for firefighters, both in the field and in the fire station. They provide a consistent source of water for fire suppression whenever it is needed. Fire fighter pumps can be powered by combustion engines, electric motors or pneumatically driven. In addition to supplying water, they can also be used to pump foam and other fire retardants.

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When it comes to fighting fires, having a reliable fire fighting pump is essential. A fire fighting pump is a device that helps supply water to firefighters. Without a fire fighting pump, it would be much harder for firefighters to do their job. There are many different types of fire fighting pumps, each with their own advantages and disadvantages such as centrifugal pump, positive displacement pump,  inline pump and etc.  Choosing the right fire fighting pump for your needs is important.


The 1.5 inch high-pressure fire-fighting pump is becoming a hugely popular solution due to its durability and excellent performance. It can be used for any pumping needs from fire fighting, pumping out a flooded basement, heavy-duty cleaning, farm sprinkler operation, or even everyday water transfer tasks.


This 1.5 inch fire fighting pump not only has a suction inlet of 40mm or 1.5 inch, but it also has three discharge outlets of 1.5 inch and 1 inch, a maximum water displacement rate of 12,000 litres per hour, and the ability to draw water up to 7m in height. This pump’s twin impeller provides a strong delivery lift of up to 80m.


Fire Fighting Pump Key Features


Powered by 7.5HP 4 Stroke OHV Petrol Engine

EURO-5 emission certified engine – Reduce carbon footprint

Twin Impeller design provides the versatility of high flow with strong pressure

Rigid mounted cast iron volute and heavy duty full frame protection

Big pump body for better priming capability

Pump casing and impellers manufactured from quality corrosion resistant marine grade aluminium for long life

3 ways discharge ports for easy installation with a choice for plumbing sizes

Powder coated pump casing for added corrosion protection

Toughened and durable hose fittings for corrosion resistance

Low oil protection installed to prevent engine damage by automatically shutting the engine down when oil drop below the safe operating level

12 Months Warranty*



Suitable Applications


Fire Fighting

High lift or long distance water transfer

Water transfer from dam

Tank filling




Shallow Well

Water Carts

Fish Farm (Fresh Water)

Crop spraying

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