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Motor Pump Basics


A motor pump is a device that uses an electric motor to power a fluid transfer. 

It works by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, which is then used to move a fluid from one place to another. 

They are used in a variety of different applications, including industrial and domestic water systems, air conditioning systems, and more.


Types of Motor Pumps




axial-flow pumps.



Benefits of Motor Pumps


1. The circulation performance is good, and particles and mud with a diameter of less than 10 mm can pass through without difficulty;

2. There is no need to irrigate and divert water first, and the chemical pump has a long capacity, which can reach more than 7 meters;

3. There are many varieties. The medium flow part of the pump body can be divided into cast iron, stainless steel, rubber lining and aluminum alloy according to different requirements of users.

4. The electric pump itself has no shaft seal, so the service life is greatly extended.


Motor pump Installation and Maintenance


1. The water pump does not produce water.

(1) The steering is wrong.

Replace motor wiring.


(2) The water injected into the pump before starting is not enough

Inject water to at least submerge the impeller, preferably fill the pump chamber (when the vacuum pump is used, the vacuum is not enough.


(3) The bottom valve is not opened or blocked.

Check the bottom valve, clean and overhaul, or even renew.


2. Insufficient water.

(1) The water flow channel is blocked.

From water inlet (including hydraulic structures) to water outlet


(2) Gap leakage between impeller and seal ring


Check whether the flow path is unblocked once and remove the blockage.

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